Memoly Share

Help for sharing memories with nearby devices.

With Memoly Share you can connect to nearby devices via peer to peer connection, to share memories with other users.

Setup Memoly Share

First of all make sure you allowed Memoly to access your local network. Memoly will ask you for permission when opening Memoly Share in the app. If you haven't allowed Memoly to access your local network, go to system settings > Memoly > Allow local network.

In the app settings under iCloud & Sharing you can find more settings you can change before sending and receiving memories.

Here you can choose if Memoly should advertise your device when opening Memoly Share.

When selecting those two options you can choose what Memoly should do with saved received memories. When activated Memoly will try to find matching actions or feelings and creates new ones if no action or feeling was found. When deactivated Memoly will not add any feeling or action to a received and saved memory.

You can also choose if some private or sensitive information should be shared with others. You can choose if you want to share a location or a link from a memory.

Share a memory with nearby devices

This is the Memoly share view. The details and functions will be shown in the next sections.

1. Select a memory to share

Here you can add a memory that you want to share with others. If you have selected a memory this will look like this:

If you want to change the memory, you can click on the memory and select another.

2. Received memories

Here you can see which memories were shared with you by other users. When opening the Memoly Share view this will be empty.

If someone sent you a memory, you can add the memory to your other memories or delete it by simply pressing on one of the received memories.

3. Connect with other devices

On the bottom of the Memoly Share view you can toggle the visibility of your device. If on, your device is visible to others in your local area. If off, you aren't visible to other devices. Below you can see a list of available devices to connect with. If no one is next to you the list will be empty.

All nearby and available devices will be shown in this list an can be choosed to share memories with. Connected devices will have a link icon next to them.