Documentation of all achievements.

What are achievements?

You can get achievements by completing certain tasks in the app. Those achievements are small trophies that are shown in your app.

Trophy Way to earn
πŸ”” You set up the daily reminder for creating a memory
πŸ†• You are new to the app and get this reminder just for downloading the app
πŸš€ You have created your first memory
πŸ–‹ You have created 10 memories
πŸ– You have created 100 memories
πŸ–Š You have created 1000 memories
⏳ You have created a memory 3 days in a row
⏰ You have created a memory 7 days in a row
πŸ•° You have created a memory 14 days in a row
πŸŽ† You have created a memory 365 days in a row
πŸ›΄ You have added a location
πŸš—Β  You have added 5 locations
🚌 You have added 10 locations
πŸ›© You have added 100 locations
πŸ“‘ You have created 5 buckets
πŸͺ£ You have created your first bucket
πŸ”Ž You tapped on a link the the β€œwhat’s new” section in the settings
πŸ”“ You unlocked Memoly Pro
❀️‍πŸ”₯ You wanted to unlock Memoly Pro, even though you already have it
🀐 You secured Memoly with TouchID or FaceID
πŸ«‚ You have added a contact to one of your memories

Please note: Achievements are currently unavailable on macOS.

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