Help for different types of notifications.

Memoly can send you different types of notifications. Here is a complete overview of all notifications and how to manage them.

Daily Reminder

Receive a daily reminder to create an entry. To do this, activate the "Daily Reminder" button and select a time when you want to be notified.

Urgent Reminders

If selected, Memoly can send you urgent notifications that break through your different focus modes and remain on your lock screen for an hour so you can act on them with the urgency they require. So you will never miss creating a memory.

Annual Reminders

Receive notifications for your Core Memories when they are over a year old. Please note the following requirements to receive annual reminders.

  • Only Core Memories will be used, you will not receive notifications for regular memories
  • Open the app at regular intervals
    • Memoly doesn't want to flood you with notifications, so open the app at least once a week to receive new notifications.


If you are not receiving notifications, check to see if you have allowed Memoly to send you notifications.

You can also check what notifications will be coming your way soon.