Getting started

What is Memoly?

Need to get started with Memoly? You will get know the basics in just minutes.

Memoly sums up your day to make every day memorable moment.

Relive your best memories.

Create a memory for each day and write down what you experienced. Memoly helps you keep track of your experiences and can monitor your emotional states.

Memoly is like a diary that lets you easily keep your best memories with you. You can easily create an entry. Add your emotional state of the day to record how you felt over time. Use reasons to add repetitive activities or events to your memory easier and faster.

Adding photos helps you recall the day right away.

Automatically generated flashbacks show you the memories of the past years.

Features of Memoly

  • Create reminders to remember your day
  • Create reminders retroactively*
  • Receive notifications when a reminder was a year ago or longer
  • Receive an averaging to remind you to create an entry
  • Create your own notifications for reminders
  • Add different information to a reminder:
    • A place where you experienced that memory*
    • Photos that remind you of the moment
    • A link that you can use to link to your favorite song
    • Contacts with whom you shared the memory*
    • Save memories as "Core Memories"
  • A calendar that gives you an overview of all past memories
  • Filter memories by reason or emotion
  • Sync all devices with iCloud
  • iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch app
  • Trophies when you complete certain tasks
  • Wigets for your home screen (statistics, trophies & picture of a reminder)
  • Flashbacks